Event – FIA WEC @ Fuji Speedway Day 1

Although today was just free practice for the upcoming 6 hour endurance race at Fuji it was definitely a memorable one.  Being up and close to these high spec cars does not happen every day.  The flat out roar of the C6-ZR1 Corvette and Aston Martin Vantage V8 powerplants is just one of the amazing thrills today brought out.  And it really amazes us all of how quiet the Audi R18 e-tron really is under full assault.

On with our day, the ride from Tokyo to Fuji was about an hour with light traffic.  Arriving at Fuji we were greet y Audi PR officials which directed us to the front paddock area where two our the Race Fight Club simulators would be set up.

These are very well sorted kits with extremely well tailored software set ups.  Kinda helps when RFC has a pro driver working for them 🙂

Being guests of Audi Japan, two of the simulators will remain in the front paddock with the other two in the VIP lounge just behind pit road.  Some great looking Audi’s just near by like this all matte pearl R8 convertible. 

Although we are with Audi for this great event there is still plenty other to see. In one of the Toyota tents they were busy setting up a great showing of 86 parts.  This 4 rotor legend was tucked away awaiting Saturdays main show. Either way it really needs no introduction.  And For those curious, check this you tube vid! Back on the track there was plenty to see, several compiled below. Will update day two so stay tuned!

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