Soukokai Event – Fuji Speedway 10/29/2012

After a long wait the Silvia is back to Fuji for fisco lapping days.

Car has been off the circuit since 05/2012 after deciding to pack up, well almost did.  Basically the old motor had a VCT cam sprocket failure and although it could have been easily repaired it was decided to dump the well tuned 190PS SR20DE motor and jump into an SR20DET set up.   It was no easy transition with the DET swap having bought a so called good motor that went sour very fast on start up.  Long story short it was pulled out, refunded by the seller and another was correctly sourced, this time a low mileage unit from the well adored S15 Spec R.

This is how the new set up looks, could use a bit more tidying.  Dont let that RB25 AFM fool you, its just there as an adapter. 

Being the first shakedown on the new set up, was a bit worried about a few things.  Most notably  grip.  Silvia is currently on Federal 595RS-R grip tires, 235 front 255 rear. With a little pressure drop they came up to temp very fast and held on quite well.   Being a 45 series profile they held up extremely well under load, not folding over.  And high speed stability, not flinching once.  These are tried and true for anyone running on the circuit not wanting to fork out a lot of cash on s-tires.

Next up was worried about the cars gearing with just over 300PS on tap.  Basically when the car was NA it lacked a lot of grunt coming out of a corner so it was decided to fit a brand new 4.6 final gear set.  Worked like a charm on the old set up but after a couple laps around Fuji with this new set up the car is into 5th gear so fast in two sectors. Not hating on them just yet but they will have to go sooner or later.

And finally the clutch. Not a biggie but was still concerned.  Silvia had an ORC Pro Carbon clutch recently fitted.  On the street it slips pretty bad when cold and on the circuit its the same, took a good two laps to dial in just perfect.    But what an awesome clutch, the response is incredible and you really have to pay attention to the rev counter that much more for accurate shifting.

The car otherwise held up really good with just one problem.  Rubber coupler next to HKS ex-mani decided to split open.  Have since replaced it with an HPI silicone coupler and will go ahead with some heat bandage to be extra safe. Aside from the Silvia up at Fuji for testing, a friend also came up to the circuit.  He’s never been on a track of this scale, nor was his car set up for track duty.   Either way he had a blast and now understands how vital it is to prepare a car for track duty.

His BNR32 is fairly stock with a newer engine fitted several years ago.   Wont get into all the specifics so here are a few photos of him in action.
As with all Fisco events there are always a massive array of cars in the paddock and on track.  Have a look through the gallery below by clicking on any photo.

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